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Genealogy Beginnings

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Just so you know, Shauna Lori Bennes, David Patrick Bennes, Daniel Paul Bennes & Shelby Lynn Bennes are my neices and nephews, and Holli Elizabeth Schneider is my daughter.

Tony April 2002, Prom Night
My Grandparents Harry Richard Schneider & Sarah Amelda Doubleday
Shelby Lynn Bennes 6/1/02 (my neice)
Me and Shelby (my neice)in 2000
David (holding Shelby), Shauna, Holli in 2000
Shauna in her baseball uniform 2001
David in his baseball uniform 2001
Daniel in his baseball uniform 2001
Shelby in 2001
Holli in 1997 4th grade
Holli in 2000
Tony (my step-son)
A picture of my daughter, Holli, at age 2. My husband took this picture
A Picture of my neice, Shauna in Kindergarten
A picture of my nephew David
A picture of my newphew Daniel
Another picture of Daniel
A picture of me with my husband after I graduated from College in 1995
A college graduation picture of me
A picture of my mother and my late grandmother
Another picture of me at graduation with my parents
A picture of various cousins.
My Brother-in-Laws re-enlistment ceremony
Holli in 1999
Me and Holli in 1999 at Silver Springs in Florida where we live.
Shelby in 2000
Shauna and Holli - Cousins
Daniel, Shauna, Holli, David
Holli in 1994
David Patrick Bennes
David, Shauna, Holli
Daniel Patrick Bennes

Here's a page devoted just to my daughter. See how she's grown through the years.

This page last updated on June 5th, 2002