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Genealogy Beginnings

Wow...Where do I start with the Ackerman's. I have so much information on them. It dates back to the early 1600's.

While doing all of this research and checking out other genealogy web pages, I came across a women who is distantly related to me. We figured out we were 10th cousins.

I'll start with the basics. I'll start at my grandmother, and work my way up the ancestorial ladder using only direct lines.

Evelyn Ackerman, Born on May 22, 1909, Died on May 8, 1991. She married Louis Grunner on April 17, 1933.

Evelyn Ackerman's parents are: Mary Agnes Furbacher (sometimes spelled Furbacker) and Gilbert Newton Ackerman.

Gilbert Newton Ackerman was born on May 30, 1883 in Cambridge, MA (no death dates or places). His parents are: Herbert Newton Ackerman and Ida May Fuller.

Ida May fuller was born on July 1, 1858 in Saxonville, MA. (no death dates or places). Her parents are: Nancy Evelina Blaisdell and George Henry Fuller.

George Henry Fuller was born on March 13, 1828. (no places or dates).

The list goes on and on. The Fuller line goes back to 1611 (at least that's as far as I get).

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